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The Values understand there is a singular magic about the combination of synthesizers and the human voice. That mix of cutting edge technology and deep vulnerability, of digital sounds and flesh and blood, of sleek and portable, portable yet opulent. It’s a city sound, sexy and rich and forward moving. There’s nothing like it -- Suicide knew it in the grimy 70s. Yaz and Erasure knew it in the glossy 80s.  LCD Soundsystem knows it in the 21st century. You can hear that on the Values’ first EP.
Some background: Mason Taub (the lady) and Evan Zwisler (the gent)
have been together since 2014 and playing music together as The Values
since 2017.

Theirs is a total collaboration in life and art.
Zwisler grew up in China, an expat who returned to the U.S. for college. Taub was a New York theater kid who has played classical
piano all her life.
Together, they’ve worked with several different groups (Zwisler and
Taub met the day before Evan’s first show in New York). Band members
fell away but the relationship between Zwisler and Taub remained the
musi’s core, its heartbeat, its soul.
As Taub puts it, “we spent a long time getting to this, which is the truest form of the band.”  Which is to say, to think of the Values as an ‘80s throwback is to miss the point. Technology plus the human voice will always be the sound of now. The technology may change but excellent songcraft is forever.




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Civil (Live)

1/26/18 / Live at The Knitting Factory


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6/20/18 Introducing...the values

Across the Pacific, there's been a rise in indie music. Spearheaded by the like of LCD Soundsystem and The Strokes we're seeing a generation of Americans inspired by these bands. And whilst The Values are nothing like either of those bands, their infectious electro-come-power pop is something to behold. 

6/10/18 singled out: The values' Civil

Electronic Pop Rock Soul outfit The Values recently released a new EP called "Civil" and to celebrate we asked Mason Taub to tell us about the title track. 

5/21/18 the values release 80's tinged synthy single: "Mass destruction"

The Values have released their new 80's tinged song "Mass Destruction" exclusively on our site today, and it is one synth-y single. The Brooklyn-based electro-pop duo holds a type of quiet intensity that could settle down a noisy club, while still retaining the hushed quality that initially drew listeners in.

5/20/18 Get to know the values


5/15/18 The values try to be 'civil' with killer new track

Though the message invokes breakup anxiety no one is ever ready to deal with, the intuitively nurturing tone of Mason Taub’s vocals carry us through the darkness and wayward emotion wrought by these forks in the road. It feels like an 80’s callback without the obvious cheese, instead retrofitted for our time with the tools of life experience wielded by the band.

5/10/18 Music tea with The values

With their eccentric mix of pop, indie and thunderous beats, The Values—Mason Taub and Evan Zwisler have not only made a name for themselves on their native NYC local entertainment scene, but right here in Philly while creating an ever-growing fan base that follows their every move.  

5/09/18 Magic carpet ride: Interview with the values

"Amidst the finishing touches, Mason and Evan, members of The Values, spoke with BoC about how Brooklyn has inspired them, Evan’s fantasy of vacationing with James Murphy, and how Civil will take you on a magic carpet ride through New York City.

4/18/18 Vents Magazine Interview with The values


2/1/18 Best FEBRUARY Nyc concerts

The Values @ Rose Gold 2/23

1/31/18 Stream The Values’ New Dark Pop/Indie Single ‘Separation Anxiety’

"Making their return, the duo now step up with their latest track ‘Separation Anxiety’. Concocting a hybrid of dark pop and indie, as well as a dose of 70s post punk and new wave, the song is an introspective analysis of the now expectations of a relationship, moving on from past experiences."


"“Separation Anxiety” marks a bold new shift for The Values who are embracing more of an electronic sound which they pull off beautifully with moody atmospherics and Mason Taub’s stunning vocals."

1/26/18 The Values Walk the Walk on "Separation anxiety" 

"Their latest single, “Separation Anxiety” takes the slow burning charm of the early waves and transcends the generations in between with, quite possibly, cleaner equipment."


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